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Blue colouring book with winged spirit animal designs

Colour Your Winged Spirit Animal Guides colouring book

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Colour Your Winged Spirit Animal Guides by Sue Coccia.

Reduce your stress levels with these winged animal motifs.

  • Colour in these stunning illustrations of beautiful birds and insects, hand-drawn by artist, Sue Coccia, to escape into a world of calmness and inner peace.

  • Reduce stress levels through the meditative act of adding colour to striking imagery.

  • With 100 artworks to colour in, you will be sure of long-lasting periods of relaxation.

These inspired drawings will help relieve your anxieties and give you a creative boost wherever you go. From waterfowl to birds of prey, and insects such as dragonflies and other animal totems, there is a spiritual essence here for everyone to connect to. These images of winged creatures from across the world will transport you to a place of inner peace and help you find some much-needed relaxation.

Information: 95 pages, paperback 208mm x276mm